Michał Michalski

Senior C++/Python Software Engineer

Poznań, Poland michal@buyuk-dev.com buyuk-dev.com +48 514 954 985 Calendar


Senior Software Engineer with 10++ years of commercial experience in software development. Expert in C++ and Python, proficient with C# and JavaScript. Creative and helpful team player with great problem-solving skills.

{ C++, Python, C#, JavaScript, Bash, Linux, Windows, Git, Scrum, AWS, Azure }


05.2023 Microsoft

Software Engineer II (fte)

  • Developing large scale distributed cloud data processing system
  • Leading daily live site monitoring for the service
  • Participating in service on-call rotation duty supporting incidents
  • Mentoring new team members as an onboarding buddy
  • Improving and extending system design, implementing new features, debugging and fixing code
  • Engaged in a ChatGPT and Azure OpenAI Studio side project
  • { C#, Azure, ServiceFabric, Kusto, CosmosDB, EventHubs, ADLSGen2, ChatGPT, Azure AI Services }

01.2023 - 02.2024 P&P Solutions

Senior Software Engineering (contract)

  • Development and maintenance of a complex optimization engine for a large customer from airline industry
  • Modified existing optimization algorithm by adding advanced features, improving efficiency and effectiveness
  • Initiated the development of a metaheuristic alternative approach to the algorithm
  • Introduced a Python/Pytest framework for robust end-to-end testing, ensuring application reliability
  • Drove code quality improvements, establishing Clang Format and Clang Tidy for standardized coding practices
  • { C++17, Python, Visual Studio, Windows, Linux, Cmake, Boost }

10.2021 - 12.2022 Career Break (newborn son)

08.2020 - 09.2021 ActiveVideo Engineering

Senior Software Egnineer (fte)

  • AppCloud: Service for remotely running streaming apps in the cloud
  • Developing http proxy server for remotely rendering OpenGL commands
  • Developing end-to-end test framework
  • { C++, googletest, PyTest, Python, ElasticSearch }

09.2018 - 06.2020 Samsung Research and Development

Software Engineer (contract)

  • Tizen WebAPI development open source code
  • MediaController module owner
  • Adding unit tests to untested code base
  • Automating common tasks
  • Published whitepaper describing EWIDL
  • ToF depth sensor optimization for flagship smartphone
  • 2nd place at Samsung Bixby Capsule hackathon
  • { C++, JavaScript ES5, Python, WebIDL, Doxygen, API design, googletest, Mocha, Chai, JIRA, Bash, OpenCL, Bixby }

03.2017 - 08.2018 Nokia

Software Engineer (contract)

  • Development of LTE Base Station software
  • Creating system component tests
  • Workflow automation
  • Member of the code reviewers group
  • Web application development
  • Participated in SCRUM training
  • { C++17, Python, Bash, STL, Boost, googletest, TTCN3, Flask, SQLite, SQLAlchemy, Crucible/Fisheye }

02.2016 - 02.2017 Hewlett-Packard Enterprise

Designer / Backend C++ Developer (fte)

  • Development of airlines reservation system
  • Workflow automation
  • Supporting big data processing system for RollceRoyce
  • { C++03, googletest, Python, Bash, Informatica }

06.2014 - 02.2016 Zylia

Research & Development Software Engineer (fte)

  • Set-top-box operating system development (Zenterio OS)
  • Web application development
  • R&D on sound processing algorithms
  • Writing multimedia processing pipelines
  • { C++11, googletest, Python, Django, JavaScript, JQuery, Celery, AWS, NumPy, Matplotlib, GStreamer }

R&D Software Engineer (intern)

  • Design and implementation of digital watermark decoder for H264 video stream
  • { C++11, GStreamer }


  • Professional: LLMs and their applications, clean code, software architecture
  • Personal: neuroscience, climbing, violin